Mission-Net Europe

Commissioned by the European Evangelical Missionary Alliance (EEMA) and the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA), Mission-Net exists to encourage and promote Mission-Net movements at a national and regional level across Europe; and to bring young Christians together for mutual encouragement, teaching, training and mobilisation at the Mission-Net congress every two years.

Mission-Net UK

In the UK Mission-Net is convened by Global Connections and gathers christian workers with a passion to see young fellow believers engage in living lives shaped by the mission God has for his Church.  Mission-Net UK operates through a "Core Group" who meet several times each year, and also facilitates a Mission-Net consultation where christian workers can gather to reflect and co-operate. Mission-Net UK are supporting the GOfest

Mission-Net Aim

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Mission-Net is primarily aimed at 16 - 30 year-old Europeans who are willing to consider living a Christian missional lifestyle which allies spiritual expressions of faith with practical contributions to the common good of society.

Mission-Net is:

  • uniquely European
  • intercultural
  • missional
  • church-orientated
  • relevant
  • holistic
  • Jesus-centred
  • prayerful